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The Official Monogram US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft Colour Guide Vol 2 1940-1949

The Official Monogram US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft Colour Guide Vol 2 1940-1949
Elliott, John M. (Major, USMC Retired)
In this second volume of a four-volume set, Mr. Elliott continues his presentation of the US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft colors and markings during the decade of the 1940s. From the opening of the decade with its still colorful
approach to aircraft recognition, to the close of the 40s with its more somber wartime color schemes, the author brings to the reader fresh information, photographs and illustrations. The various combatants in this world-wide struggle sought paint and protection solutions which would prolong the combat life of their aircraft while at the same time also sought to devise markings by which friendly forces could be recognized form those of the enemy. The US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft of the period certainly reflected these goals. Complex, yet effective approaches to the problem have been set forth by the author who meticulously documents each change in painting and aircraft marking, giving us new insight into this fascinating period of aircraft history.
• 194 pages
• 324 photographs
• 57 color photographs
• 21 color illustrations
• 48 unit insignia
• 29 lacquer paint Chips

Subsequent volumes are as follows:
Volume 3 - 1950 to 1959
Volume 4 - 1960 to Present

Hardcover with dust jacket, large format
194 Seiten / pages
many photos and high quality color plates
book very good condition, dust jacked with tears
Sturbridge, Massachusetts, USA - 1989 - Monogram Aviation Publications
Art.Nr. 16997