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Man's Conquest of Space

Man's Conquest of Space
Shelton, William R.
Revised Edition.
With a Foreword by James E. Webb, Former Administrator, NASA.

Challenging the vast ocean of space, man confronts the most awesome of all frontiers. Since the Start of the Space Age, bis courage and technology have carried him away from his home planet to supreme adventure.
Man's Conquest of Space encompasses the whole thrilling pageant: from the first man to orbit earth to the epic lunar journeys and the record-setting Skylab missions; from the first simple satellites, beeping their messages home, to the complex robots of today, speeding through the reaches of interplanetary space.
The far-sighted pioneers who have contributed to the Space Age are here - men like Galileo and Copernicus, Goddard and von Braun, men whose probing minds have helped take us to new worlds beyond earth.
It is an adventure story, an account of astronauts and cosmonauts, of the dangers most of them survived and the tragedies some did not. But it is also a story of the great and complex marshaling of effort that made their flights possible - the energy and dedication of thousands of men and women.
In this Special Publication, William R. Shelton, a chronicler of the space program since its earliest days, captures the drama of the endeavor and the fervor of those involved in it. Photographs show vividly where man and his machines have been; paintings recapture special moments in history and literature, and help Interpret the science and technology of space.
Mr. Shelton, author of American Space Exploration, Soviet Space Exploration, and Winning the Moon, describes in the pages of this book a world where the stars don't twinkle but lights on earth do, where every answer prompts new questions, where man, impelled by his restless spirit, must explore.

Hardcover with dust jacket
200 Seiten / pages
many photos
good condition, with a dedication to a previous owner
Washington D.C. - 1975 - National Geographic Society
Art.Nr. 16999