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The Boeing 707: America's first commercial jet transport

The Boeing 707
America's first commercial jet transport
Rare original company broshure on the all-new Boeing 707.

Boeing Document D6-1004, February 1957

America's first commercial jet transport
Flight tested for more than two years
Boeing 707 basic data
Step inside and relax
Seating arrangemens are flexible
Spacious interiours provide comfort
Airline pilots are impressed
Flight controls have been proved
Greater work capacity assures economy of operation
Direct operation cost - Cents per seat mile
Minimum time on the ground
Over the weather at jet speed
Takeoff capability
Unparalleled experience with multi-jet aircraft
A smaller world

broshure, large format
24 Seiten / pages
many photos and illustrations, some in color
good condition
Renton, Washington - 1957 - Boeing Airplane Company - Transport Division
Art.Nr. 17146