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The X-Planes: X-1 to X-31

The X-Planes
X-1 to X-31
Miller, Jay
New Revised Edition

Foreword by General Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager.

The X-Planes is the result of the author's life-long interest in what many consider to be the world's most exotic aircraft family. Encompassing everything from the rudimentary Bell X-1 supersonic research aircraft to the yet-to-be-built X-31A designed for transatmospheric flight at near-orbital velocities, the book contains a detailed and authoritative accounting of every single X-designated aircraft ever built. Many documents were declassified specifically for use as references for this publication.
Each X-aircraft is described fully with coverage of its history, specifications, propulsion Systems, and disposition provided in logical, readible, formal. Complementing the text are over 400 photographs the majority of which never have been made available previously for publication. Included in the photography selection are rare cockpit illustrations of every manned X-plane to progress beyond the drawing board stage.
Each X-plane also is illustrated by an accurate and detailed multi-view drawing. These also serve to provide color scheme Information and scale data of the highest possible accuracy. Also included are appendices, an Index, and numerous miscellaneous tables that among other things, present detailed individual flight logs of the majority of the manned aircraft described.

Hardcover with dust jacket, large format
216 Seiten / pages
many photos
very good condition
Arlington, Texas - 1988 - Aerofax Inc.
Art.Nr. 17515