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The Jet Engine: Rolls-Royce

The Jet Engine
This is a 1973 reprint (withe revisions) of the third edition from 1969.
One of the best reference books on the function and systems of modern jet engines.

From the introduction:
"This book has been written to provide a simple and self-contained description of the working and underlying principles of the aero gas turbine engine.
The use of complex formulae and the language of the specialist have been avoided to allow for a clear and concise presentation of the essential facts. Only such description and formulae, therefore, as are necessary to the understanding of the function and the theory of the engine are included."

1 Basic mechanics
2 Working cycle and airflow
3 Compressors
4 Combustion chambers
5 Turbines
6 Exhaust system
7 Noise Suppression
8 Thrust reversal
9 Afterburning
10 Fuel system
11 Water injection
12 Lubrication
13 Air cooling and sealing
14 Starting and ignition
15 Ice protection
16 Fire protection
17 Controls and instrumentation
18 Power plant installation
19 Manufacture and overhaul
20 Maintenance
21 Vertical/short take-off and landing
22 Thust Distribution
23 Performance

Softcover, large format
229 Seiten / pages
with many photos and detailed technical illustrations in color
good condition, one tear on spine, some yellow text markings
Derby, England - 1973 - Rolls-Royce
Art.Nr. 17846