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The Aeroplane Pictorial Review (No. 2)

The Aeroplane Pictorial Review (No. 2)
Compiled and written by the staff of "The Aeroplane"

Herc again, for the sccond year in succession, the best and most striking photographs to have appeared in The Aeroplane during the past twelve months, are gathered together within the covers of one book to form a brilliant pictorial record of aeronautical progress. The wide range of illustrations includes the latest types of civil and military aircraft, training and naval machines, helicopters and guided missiles, together with numerous photographs of people and eveiits which have made aviation news during the past year. Containing over 280 illustrations, each with its descriptive caption and appropriately grouped in ten sections, this is a book of absorbing interest to aviation enthusiasts of all ages.

Fighters for the Next Decade
Utility Aircraft Bombers Large and Small
Faces and Places
Naval Aircraft and Aircraft Carriers
A School of Training Aeroplanes
Missiles - on Test and in Service
A Military Miscellany
Helicopter Commentary
Transport Aircraft Round the World

hardcover with dust jacket, large landscape format
ca. 140 Seiten / pages
over 280 Illustrations
book very condition, dust jacket good condition
London - 1957 - Temple Press Limited
Art.Nr. 17942