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The Aeroplane Pictorial Review (No. 4)

The Aeroplane Pictorial Review (No. 4)
Compiled and written by the staff of "The Aeroplane and Astronautics"

More than 250 of the finest and most informative photographs to have appeared in The Aeroplane and Astronautics during 1959 have been selected to form this brilliant pictorial record of aeronautical achievements throughout the world.
All the latest types of aircraft, both in service and under development, are depicted: the newest fighters, bombers, transports and trainers of the world's air forces, the latest jet and turboprop aircraft of the world's airlines, the helicopters and the hovercraft. Here, too, portrayed by striking photographs, are the guided missiles, the VTOL aircraft and the research projects of a new age of aviation, as well as a special section devoted to the Farnborough Display which vividly captures the highlights and star performers of the world's greatest flying show.
Combining spectacular photography with informative comment, this unique pictorial review of the Aviation Year is a book to be studied, enjoyed and treasured by the air-minded of all ages.

New Shapes in the Sky
Commercial Aviation
Light Planes and Utility Aircraft
Missiles of Today and Tomorrow
Fighter Parade
Farnborough Display: 1959
Bombers of the Great Powers
Naval Aviation
Research and Development Aircraft
Transports and Trainers
Helicopters, Large and Small
Events of the Year

hardcover with dust jacket, large landscape format
128 Seiten / pages
over 230 Illustrations
book very condition, dust jacket good condition
London - 1959 - Temple Press Limited
Art.Nr. 17943