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The Helicopter: and How it Flies

The Helicopter
and How it Flies
Fay, John
revised edition.

The rapid advance of the helicopter in the past few years has created wide-spread interest in this comparatively new vehicle. "The Helicopter and How it Flies" explains all the fundamental features of rotary-wing flight without resorting to mathematical formulae. The subject-matter ranges from the definition of a helicopter, to vertical and forward flight, torque and its balance, stability, and the differences between helicopters and gyroplanes. Items such as the delta-three hinge and Coriolis effect are explained. The reader, whether he be pilot, apprentice, interested layman, or the technician transferring to helicopters, will find the book invaluable. The book is written in a simple straightforward manner and over one hundred illustrations Supplement the text. It has been translated into German under the title "SO FLIEGT EIN HUBSCHRAUBER" and a Swedish version will be published shortly.

Hardcover with dust jacket
105 Seiten / pages
with 112 illustrations
good condition, from the Service Department of the Bristol Aircraft Ltd.
London - 1957 - Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons
Art.Nr. 18034