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The Basic Aerobatic Manual

The Basic Aerobatic Manual
Kershner, William K.
Designed to serve as a reference guide for flyers enrolled in introductory aerobatics courses, this manua! emphasizes airspeeds and techniques recommended for the Cessna Aerobat but the described maneuvers may be performed in other aerobatics-certified airplanes. Bill Kershner introduces aerobatic maneuvers in order of difficulty, covering stalls, steep power turns, spins, loops and rolls and combinations of the two... and a variety of other maneuvers. A separate chapter is devoted to the subject of recoveries in unusual situations.
Kershner's material is presented in a clear, understandable and a humorous style. The Basic Aerobatic Manual is fully illustrated and contains a practical syllabus, a detailed bibliography, and is indexed.
Bill Kershner started his aerobatic career doing solo aerobatics in a Stearman N2S at age 17. He has over 4,500 hours of aerobatic instructing, and 7,000+ spins in the Cessna 150/152 Aerobat. He was FAA Flight Instructor of the Year in 1992, and operates a one-plane aerobatic school in Sewanee, Tennessee.

Softcover, large format
103 Seiten / pages
many illustrations
very good condition
Newcastle, Washington, USA - 2006 - Aviation Supplies & Academics
Art.Nr. 18223