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Anne Morrow Lindbergh: Her Life

Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Her Life
Hertog, Susan
Susan Hertog managed to obtain 10 separate interviews with her very private subject, and her personal involvement shows in every line of this impassioned biography. Hertog's searching account of the Lindbergh marriage explores the complex union of two people who loved each other deeply yet were emotionally ill-suited. Charles "saw the rebel heart inside the timid girl" and liberated a confined daughter of privilege into a world of adventure, but "[the] price she paid for her Prince" was high, including painful loneliness during his frequent absences and, most agonizingly, the 1932 death of their baby son. Though he was killed by kidnappers, in the Lindberghs' view he was equally a victim of the relentless publicity surrounding them. As the couple withdrew to protect their other children, Anne experienced a sense of isolation, but she was also liberated to explore her inner life and to delineate it in her writing--which was always supported by Charles.
Hertog reminding readers that Anne Morrow Lindbergh is not the wife of a famous aviator, but a source of inspiration in her own right.

561 Seiten / pages
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New York - 2000 - Anchor Books
Art.Nr. 5226