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National Geographic 1934 - 6: Hubbard Medal Awarded to Anne Morrow Lindbergh

National Geographic 1934 - 6
Hubbard Medal Awarded to Anne Morrow Lindbergh
A rare complete and original edition of the June 1934 National Geographic Magazine with - amoung others - the article "Hubbard Medal Awarded to Anne Morrow Lindbergh".
Anne Morrow Lindbergh was awarded this rare medal "for her part in helping blaze 40.000 miles of new sky trails, as her famous husband's copilot and radio operator on two flights - that to the Orient, in 1931, and that around the inner rim of four continents that border the Atlantic, in 1933."
Only nine other times has the Hubbard Gold Medal been awarded in the 46 years of the National Geographic Society. The first to be honored had been Admiral Robert E. Peary in 1906. Charles A. Lindbergh received it in 1927 for his first solo flight across the North Atlantic Ocean (1926).

good condition
Washington D.C. - 1934 - National Geographic Society
Art.Nr. 5305