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Charles and Anne Lindbergh: Alone Together

Charles and Anne Lindbergh
Alone Together
Charles and Anne Lindbergh may have been one of the world's most famous couples, but they were never comfortable in the spotlight.
This unique, feature-length BIOGRAPHY® goes beyond the familiar elements - the historic flight of the Spirit of St. Louis and the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh's son - to present an informed and intimate portrait of Charles's and Anne's life together. It explores many of their overlooked accomplishments, from pioneering around-the-world survey
flights to Charles's role as an early conservationist, and examines the public statements that turned Charles into a reviled public figure. Personal insight into the "first couple of the air" is provided by friends and family, including daughter Reeve Undbergh.
Triumph thrust the Lindberghs into the public eye, but it was
tragedy and controversy that kept them there.

Original DVD - 100 minutes color and B&W.
new and sealed DVD
USA - 1999 - A&E Televison Network
Art.Nr. 7427