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24 Jahre Antiquariat Lindbergh
1999 - 2023
Freunde der Luftfahrt und der bemannten Raumfahrt
finden auf diesen Seiten eine interessante Auswahl alter, seltener und schöner Fliegerliteratur.

Die Giganten Me 321 - Me 323
Eine Dokumentation
von Karl R. Pawlas

Flugsport 1930 Heft 13 v. 25.06.1930
Illustrierte technische Zeitschrift und Anzeiger für das gesamte Flugwesen
herausgegeben von Oskar Ursinus

Finden Sie hier mehr als 200 Einzelhefte sowie viele gebundene Jahresausgaben:

Flug ins All
Von Spacelab 1 bis zur D1-Mission - Der persönliche Bericht des ersten Astronauten der Bundesrepublik
von Astronaut Ulf Merbold
diese vom Autor signierte Erstausgabe ist von 1986

Ikarus - Gunther Plüschow
Ein Leben auf drei Kontinenten
von Gerhard H. Ehlers
dieses Buch ist von 2020

36.000 Stunden am Himmel
Die Geschichte von Walter Eichhorn und Toni Eichhorn

So fliegt man eine Me 109
von Michael Linke
dieses Buch ist von 2022

De legendarische vlucht van de Uiver
London-Melbourne oktober 1934
by Wim Kroese
this book is from 1983

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Im Zeichen des Kranichs
Die Geschichte der Lufthansa von den Anfängen bis 1945
von Joachim Wachtel und Günther Ott,

mit einer Studie von Lutz Budraß
dieses seltene Buch ist von 2016

Über den Wolken
Band 1: Duelle
über die großen Luftrennen der 1930er Jahre

von Romain Hugault und Régis Hautière

Dieses Buch ist von 2009

Angel Wings - Band 3
Ziel: Broadway
über die 80th Fight Group, die "Burma Bunshees" im 2. Weltkrieg

von Romain Hugault und Yann
Dieses Buch ist von 2018

Flugsport 1916 - gebunden
Illustrierte technische Zeitschrift und Anzeiger für das gesamte Flugwesen
herausgegeben von Oskar Ursinus

Finden Sie hier alle gebundenen Jahresausgaben:
"Flugsport - gebunden"

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Sound Barrier
The Story of High-Speed Flight
by Test Pilot Duke Neville and Edward Lanchbery
this book is from 1953

Heinkel He 112
In Action
by Dénis Bernád and Don Greer
See more than 70 issues of this series

Collins' Aircraft Annual
this book is from 1931

Man Flies
The Story of Alberto Santos-Dumont - Master of the Ballon - Conqueror of the Air
by Nancy Winters
this book is from 1998

Back in Orbit
John Glenn's Return to Space
by Scott Montgomery and Timothy R. Gaffney
this book is from 1998

The Lone Scout of the Sky
The Story of Charles Lindbergh
by James E. West
this book is from 1927



einige ausgewählte Neuzugänge ...

Fliegermuseum Dübendorf
Bernhard, Toni

Softcover, Großformat
155 Seiten / pages
viele Fotos, meist in Farbe
gut erhalten
Dübendorf - 1989 - VFMF Dübendorf
Art.Nr. 22937
6,00 EUR
Kitty Hawk to NASA: A Guide to U.S. Air & Space Museums and Exhibits
Morian, Michael

304 Seiten / pages
good condition
Shawnee, KS - 1991 - BON A TIRER publishing
Art.Nr. 3914
8,00 EUR
No Limits: A Woman Pilot's Search for the Real Amelia Earhart
Finch, Linda - Smith, Donald
First Edition - signed by the author !

When Amelia Earhart disappeared in 1937 in the Pacific Ocean near Howland Island, she launched one of the most enduring mysteries in aviation history. Interest in her story continues to this day. In this short but insightful book, veteran pilot Linda Finch makes the point that all of the speculation about what might or might not have befallen Amelia and her navigator, Fred Noonan, takes attention awav from where it belongs: Amelia's remarkable achievements as a woman, an aviator, and a human being.
First as a social worker in a Boston immigrant neighborhood and later as a famous flier, Amelia dedicated herself to showing people that they don't have to settle for small lives. In countless appearances at schools, colleges, and community organizations throughout the country and in her
books and magazine articles, she continually urged her audiences to set big, important goals for themselves, and then to do the things nessary to make them happen. Coming from Amelia, this was not merely nice-sounding empty advice. She overcame her own tower of adversities, including a family broken by acoholism, in pursuit of her own goals.
In telling Amelia's story, Linda Finch shows that one of her secrets was she didn't allow herself to become overwhelmed. She concentrated on the details of the day and didn't let her mind get mudded by what she had to face tomorrow. She doggedly hurdled every obstacle, one by one, sometimes coming up with the most creative solutions. Lack of money or what anybody else had to say never discouraged her.
Amelia Earhart lived a big, full, meaningful life. She did what she believed in and dedicated herseil to an idea whose time was long overdue. Her flights across oceans and continents took her message of self-fulfillment to women who desperately needed to hear it.
Today, Amelia's message of self-reliance and commitment is relevant to everyone - men as well as women, boys as well as girls. That is the message Linda Finch will send on March 17, 1997, as she launches her flight in a restored Lockheed Electra 10E around the world along the Equator, to re-create and complete Amelia's last voyage: Live your dreams, and dream big.

Linda Finch will take off from Oakland, California in a restored Lockheed Electra 10E on March 17, 1997. She will attempt to re-create and complete Amelia Earhart's around-the-world flight on its sixties anniversary, in the centennial year of Amelias birth. Linda is a seasoned pilot and aviation historian with more than 21 years of experience restoring and flying historic aircraft. She has logged more than 8,000 flying hours, 5.900 in multi-engine aircraft, vintage war birds, and tail- draggers; and has flown in airshows for more than ten years.
She has served as the lead coordinator and pilot for the fundraising, restoration, and marketing of a Confederate Air Force P-47 Thunder-bolt airplane, one of only five flying. Today she serves as the primary sponsor of the P-47, providine regular maintenance for this rare and valuable aircraft. She has also completely restored, modified and raced a historic AT-6 World War II trainer.
Linda owns a health care and retirement community business She has two grown children, an adopted baby daughter and a grandson.

[Remarks by Peter Klant, Antiquariat Lindbergh:
Lina Finch completed the recreated World Flight as planned from March 17 to May 28, 1997. She stopped at 36 waypoints and flew 26.000 Miles. Finch's Loockheed Electra 10E is now on display in the The Museum of Flight.]

Hardcover with dust jacket
115 Seiten / pages
very good condition, one corner slightly bumped. Signed !
San Antonio, Texas - 1996 - World Flight Inc
Art.Nr. 3391
32,00 EUR
Kampf- und Lastensegler DFS 230 - DFS 331: Eine Dokumentation
Pawlas, Karl R.
Luftfahrt Monographie Band LS1.
Ohne Jahrgang, ca. 1975.
Mit kompletter Beschreibung der Baureihen und vielen Originaldokumenten.

144 Seiten / pages
mit 147 Fotos und 14 Zeichnungen
sehr gut erhalten
Nürnberg - 1975 - Karl R. Pawlas Verlag
Art.Nr. 22964
16,00 EUR
Udet - eines Mannes Leben: und die Geschichte seiner Zeit
Herlin, Hans

288 Seiten / pages
sehr gut erhalten, mit einen Exlibris Aufkleber
Hamburg - 1958 - Henri Nannen Verlag
Art.Nr. 22934
12,00 EUR
Starman: The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin
Doran, Jamie - Bizony, Piers
First U.S. Edition

On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first person to venture into space, gaining worldwide fame in a quick 108-minute journey. Starman tells for the first time Gagarin's personal odyssey from peasant to international icon, his disintegration under the pressures of fame, and his final disillusionment with the USSR. Before President Kennedy had put an American on the moon, Gagarin himself was dead, killed at age thirty-four in a mysterious air crash. Publicly mourned, his death was privately met with relief by the Soviet hierarchy, and the KGB report into his death remains secret. Entwined with Gagarin's history is that of the breathtaking and highly secretive Russian space program. Starman looks behind the scenes of the first great space spectacular, and reveals how it came frighteningly close to destruction.

252 Seiten / pages
very good condition
New York - 2011 - Walker & Company
Art.Nr. 3388
22,00 EUR
Junkers Großflugzeuge: Geschichte und Technik
Nowarra, Heinz J.

Der bekannte Flugzeughistoriker Heinz J. Nowarra zeichnet in diesem Buch akribisch Entwicklung, Technik und Einsatz der Junkers-Großraumflugzeuge nach.
Mit Informationen, Daten, Fakten und Details zu Junkers-Spezialtypen wie G38, Ju89, 90, 290 bis hin zur riesigen 390.
Mit instruktiven seltenen Fotos und präzisen sachkundigen Texten. "Junkers Großflugzeuge": Die kompetente Dokumentation des Junkers-Spezialprogramms.

Gebundene Ausgabe, Großformat
158 Seiten / pages
sehr viele Fotos
sehr gut erhalten, nx
Stuttgart - 1988 - Motorbuch Verlag
Art.Nr. 22993
22,00 EUR
Mittelholzer, Walter

Unter Mitarbeit von H. Kempf, Bern S.A.C.

Meine Fliegerlaufbahn
von Walter Mittelholzer
Erster Passagierflug mit Oskar Bider über die Berner Alpen (22. April 1914)
von H. Kempf
Matterhornflug (31. Oktober 1927)
von H. Kempf
Der Verkehrsflug über die Alpen
von Walter Mittelholzer
Aus der Praxis der Luftphotographie
von Walter Mittelholzer
Beschreibung der Bilder

Illustrierter Leineneinband
155 Seiten / pages
Mit 191 Fliegeraufnahmen
gut erhaltenes Exemplar, nx
Zürich - Leipzig - 1928 - Orell Füssli Verlag
Art.Nr. 22975
32,00 EUR
Apollo 13: Die Flucht aus dem All
Delius, Fred G.

Katastrophe im All!
Der Mondflug war bereits Routine. Niemand rechnete mit einem Mißerfolg. Doch bei Apollo 13 passierte es.
Eine Explosion erschütterte das Raumschiff. »Wir haben hier ein Problem«, mußte Astronaut Swigert zur Erde funken. Mit diesem Satz begann der Kampf um das Leben der drei Astronauten. Die Welt bangte um die drei Einsamen im All. James Lovell, John Swigert und Fred Haise überwanden die Angst, und in der Kontrollstation arbeiteten die Spezialisten fieberhaft, um die drei Männer aus dem Weltraum zurückzuholen. Und sie schafften es. Eine technische Glanzleistung rettete den Astronauten das Leben. Neben dem Report über diese geglückte Flucht aus dem All berichtet der Autor ausführlich von allen Apollo-Flügen.

144 Seiten / pages
Mit 34 Fotos und 14 Zeichnungen im Text
sehr gut erhalten
München - 1970 - Wilhelm Heyne Verlag
Art.Nr. 22958
16,00 EUR
Fly Low Fly Fast: Inside the Reno Air Races
Gandt, Robert
Robert Gandt takes us into the high risk world of Unlimited Air Racing, following the 1997 and 1998 championship at the Reno National Air Races. Flying wingtip to wingtip around pylons at nearly 500 mph, just jards above the sagebush, Reno's big throaty warbirds are piloted by an adrenaine-addicted, type-A elite whose oversize talent and egos spawn a hundred stories...

Robert Gandt knows what he is talking about. Himself a former navy pilot and current Delta Air Lines captain, he speaks the language of the characters of his book. And besides being a pilot writing about pilots he has proven already that he is a master of the word too. Other famous books of Robert Gandt are:

Season of Storms: The Siege of Hong Kong 1941
China Clipper: The Age of the Great Flying Boats
Skygods: The Fall of Pan Am
Bogeys and Bandits: The Making of a Fighter Pilot

"Fly Low Fly Fast" easily touches the excellence and intensity of Ernest K. Gann’s “Fate is the Hunter” or Tom Wolfe’s “The Right Stuff”...

Hardcover with dust jacket
315 Seiten / pages
color and b&w photos
excellent condition, new book
New York - 1999 - Viking Books
Art.Nr. 3367
26,00 EUR