Bemannte Raumfahrt

SpaceShipOne: An Illustrated History
Linehan, Dan
First Edition.
Foreword by Sir Arthur C. Clarke.
This book chronicles the development of the world's first commercial manned space program. With ample illustrations, photographs, and behind-the-scenes information, SpaceShipOne takes readers from the project's conception and design to the deals that brought together Scaled Composites' Burt Rutan and Virgin Airlines' Sir Richard Branson to the plans for building a fleet of commercial suborbital spaceships and launch aircraft. Author Dan Linehan, who was there at the launch, lets readers in on the drama and details behind the making of spaceships that will take twenty-first-century tourists to the final frontier.

Hardcover with dust jacket, large format
160 Seiten / pages
book very good condition, dust jacket good condition
Minneapolis, MN, USA - 2008 - Zenith Press
Art.Nr. 13300
32,00 EUR
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Starman: The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin
Doran, Jamie - Bizony, Piers
First U.S. Edition

On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first person to venture into space, gaining worldwide fame in a quick 108-minute journey. Starman tells for the first time Gagarin's personal odyssey from peasant to international icon, his disintegration under the pressures of fame, and his final disillusionment with the USSR. Before President Kennedy had put an American on the moon, Gagarin himself was dead, killed at age thirty-four in a mysterious air crash. Publicly mourned, his death was privately met with relief by the Soviet hierarchy, and the KGB report into his death remains secret. Entwined with Gagarin's history is that of the breathtaking and highly secretive Russian space program. Starman looks behind the scenes of the first great space spectacular, and reveals how it came frighteningly close to destruction.

252 Seiten / pages
very good condition
New York - 2011 - Walker & Company
Art.Nr. 3388
22,00 EUR
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Stationen im All: Vom Skylab bis zur Weltraumstadt - die Zukunft der Weltraumfahrt
Metzler, Rudolf

Leinen mit Schutzumschlag
232 Seiten / pages
viele Abbildungen
Buch sehr gut erhalten, Schutzumschlag eingerissen.
Bayreuth - 1974 - Loewes Verlag
Art.Nr. 5748
12,00 EUR
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Taschenbuch der Flugkörper - Raketen - Satelliten: Pocketbook of Missiles - Rockets - Satellites
Brock, Rudolf
Deutsch - English

412 Seiten / pages
mit 128 Fotos und 493 vom Verfasser gezeichneten Skizzen - with 128 photographs and 493 outlines, drawn by the author
sehr gut erhalten - very good condition
München - 1964 - J. F. Lehmanns Verlag
Art.Nr. 14073
32,00 EUR
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Technische Visionen - politische Kompromisse: Geschichte und Perspektiven der deutschen Raumfahrt
Weyer, Johannes (Herausgeber)

323 Seiten / pages
einige Abbildungen
sehr gut erhalten
Berlin - 1993 - Edition Sigma
Art.Nr. 15299
22,00 EUR
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The Apollo Adventure: The making of the Apollo Space Program and the Movie Apollo 13
Kluger, Jeffrey (also co-author of "Apollo 13")

Original Softcover
199 Seiten / pages
many photos and illustrations
good condition
New York - London - Toronto - Sydney - Singapore - 1995 - Pocket Books - a division of Simon & Schuster Inc.
Art.Nr. 3182
24,00 EUR
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The Best of Space Shuttle: From Launch to Landing
Block, Torsten
signed and numbered photo edition
No. 316/500 signed by the author

32 Seiten / pages
many color photos
very good condition
Merrit Island, Florida - 1997 - T. Block Publishing
Art.Nr. 19124
8,00 EUR
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The Big Sleep: Sleep Your Way to Mars
Complete issue of the "Air & Space" magazine May 2017 with a eight page story about the plans to let future astronauts sleep during their journey through space.

TheBigSleep - Cooling bodies to slow metabolism is a technique now used in surgery. It may next be used in space travel.
Picture This - Winners of our photo contest
Private Preston's Wild Ride - He was 20 years old when he slipped his Huey past the Secret Service to land at the White House
A&S - Next: Unusual success stories
Scenes From a Violent Universe - An X-ray telescope takes pictures of the unimaginable
Jerry Yagen and the Fighter Factory - With great wealth and unbridled zeal, a collector gets warbirds to fly
One Giant Leap for Unmanned Kind - The Google Lunar XPRIZE is betting $20 million that it can spur a private moon landing
Amazon Floats Drone Hub - What is Amazon up to now?
TheBirth of Flight in Georgia - A search for the truth about an inventor and his friend
Viewport Artists of World War l
Soundings - Taking Earth's temperature; Mustang madness
Solar System Chatter - New NASA missions to asteroids
Above & Beyond - World's first airplane passenger
Oldies & Oddities - The impossible, in an F-4 Phantom
In the Museum - Apollo on Tour
Sightings - Mt. Fuji flybys
Reviews & Previews - Shoot Like a Girl author
One More Thing - SPAD XIII

many photos
very good condition
Washington D.C. - 2017 - Smithsonian Institution
Art.Nr. 17094
4,00 EUR
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The Problem of Space Travel: The Rocket Motor
Noordung, Hermann (Psydonym) - Potocnik, Hermann (real name) - Stuhlinger, Ernst (Editor) - Hunley, J.D. (Editor)
NASA History Series NASA SP-4026

This English translation of Hermann Noordung's 1929 classic German text "Das Problem der Befahrung des Weltraums - der Raketenmotor" is an important contribution to the historical literature of space travel. This was the first book with specific engineering details for a space station.
The author - his real name was Hermann Potocnik - was also the first to realize the importance of the Geostationary Orbit which he suggested as an orbit for a space station.

Table of Contents
The Power of Gravity
The Practical Gravitalional Boundary of the Earth
The Free Orbit
Maneuvering in the Gravitational Fields of Outer Space
The Armor Barrier of the Earth's Atmosphere
The Highest Altitudes Reached to Date
The Cannon Shot into Outer Space
The Reactive Force
The Reaction Vehicle
The Rocket
Previous Researchers Addressing the Problem of Space Flight
The Travel Velocity and the Efficiency of Rocket Vehicles
The Ascent
General Comments about the Structure of the Space Rocket
Proposals To Date
Comments Regarding Previous Design Recommendations
The Return to Earth
Hohmann's Landing Maneuver
Landing in a Forced Circular Motion
Landing in Braking Ellipses
Oberth's Landing Maneuver
The Result To Date
Two Other Important Questions
The Space Rocket in an Inclined Trajectory
The Space Rocket as an Airplane
The Space Station in Empty Space
The Nature of Gravity and How it can be Influenced
The Effect of Weightlessness on the Human Organism
The Physical Behavior of Objects when Gravity is Missing
Without Air
Perpetua! Silence Prevails in Empty Space
Sunshine during Nighttime Darkness
Unlimited Visibility
Without Heat
Designing the Space Station
The Solar Power Plant
Supplying Light
Supplying Air and Heat
Water Supply
Long Distance Communications
Means of Controlling the Space Station
Partitioning the Space Station into Three Entities
The Habitat Wheel
The Observatory and the Machine Room
Providing for Long-Distance Communications and Safety
Partitioning the Space Station into Two Entities
The Space Suit
The Trip to the Space Station
Special Physical Experiments
Telescopes of Enormous Size
Observing and Researching the Earth's Surface
Exploring the Stars
A Giant Floating Mirror
The Most Dreadful Weapon
To Distant Celestial Bodies
The Technology of Space Travel
Launching from the Earth's Surface
The Space Station äs a Base for Travel into Deep Space
The Attainability of the Neighboring Planets
Distant Worlds
Will It Ever be Possible to Reach Fixed Stars?
The Expected Course of Development of Space Travel
Final Remarks

149 Seiten / pages
100 illustrations
very good condition, new book
Washington D.C. - 1995 - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Art.Nr. 19322
26,00 EUR
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The Return
Aldrin, Buzz (Astronaut, Veteran of the first moon landing) - Barnes, John
"Reunited with award-winning SF writer Barnes (Encounter with Tiber), Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, imagines a near future when the space program is in the hands of competing private corporations. In association with ShareSpace, headed by ex-astronaut CEO Scott Blackstone, NASA is offering privileged civilians the opportunity to ride as "Citizen Observers" on space shuttle missions. The third such celebrity in space, basketball legend MJ (Michael James), has scarcely reached orbit when he and a crew member are killed in what appears to be a bizarre accident. Culminating in an emergency crash landing on Easter Island, this tragedy puts the future of the entire space program in jeopardy. Overnight, Blackstone becomes the scapegoat and--sued by MJ's mother for over $1 billion--is fired. When, mysteriously, Blackstone finds that no lawyer will take his case, his brother, Nick, v-p of rocket builder Republic Wright, revives the childhood bond of the Mars Four (Nick; Scott; Scott's ex-wife, celebrity attorney Thalia, mother of their 10-year-old son; and Eddie Killeret, Nick's counterpart at rival Curtiss Aerospace)--and persuades Thalia to represent Scott. Despite anonymous threats, the case turns in their favor when the media focus on the explosion of a Pakistani proton bomb that turns the entire ionosphere into a super Van Allen belt, knocking out all existing satellites. Enter an enigmatic figure from a secret agency tying everything to a Chinese conspiracy. After three of the Mars Four go into space on a mission to rescue the crew of a disabled space station, fade to sunset as they reunite at the beach cottage of their youth."

340 Seiten / pages
very good condition
New York - 2000 - Tor Book
Art.Nr. 6698
16,00 EUR
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The Saturn V F-1 Engine: Powering Apollo into History
Young, Anthony
The book focuses on the design, testing and manufacture of the F-1 engine, but also covers its incorporation into the first stage of the Saturn V and in-flight record. It concludes with an examination of what might have been, if the F-1 had not been discarded, together with the Saturn V, at the conclusion of the Apollo program. The account draws on original documents and interviews with engineers and managers, and is illustrated by many never-before-published photographs, both colour and monochrome. The intention is for this to be the definitive account of the development of this most powerful of rocket engines. As NASA is developing an evolved version of the hydrogen-burning J-2 engine for use in the forthcoming Ares launch vehicles, the author includes development of the J-2 engine within the context of the Saturn V development, thus bringing rocket engine development up to the present and thus provide this book with a long shelf life.

266 Seiten / pages
many photos and illustrations
excellent condition, new book
Chichester, UK - 2009 - Springer - Praxis Publishing
Art.Nr. 9760
64,00 EUR
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The Seventh Landing: Going Back to the Moon, This Time to Stay
Carroll, Michael

Hardcover, large format
174 Seiten / pages
many illustrations
very good condition, new book
New York - 2009 - Springer Science+Business Media
Art.Nr. 10127
36,00 EUR
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The Shuttle Era: What it Means for the Future
Complete issue of the "Aviation Week & Space Technology" magazine from December 6, 2010 with 20 pages dedicated to the Space Shuttle. Includes a Pilot Report by Astronaut Robert L. "Hoot" Gibson "How to Fly a Space Shuttle Rendevous and Docking".

color photos
very good condition
New York - 2010 - Mc Graw Hill
Art.Nr. 12120
5,00 EUR
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The Society of Space: a daring look into what the Ages of Space will mean to man's life, love, government, and art
Ritner, Peter
First Edition - First Printing

Hardcover with dust jacket
144 Seiten / pages
good condition
New York - 1961 - The MacMillian Company
Art.Nr. 17273
14,00 EUR
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They're Coming to Bring You Safely Back to Earth. Maybe
Oberg, James
Complete issue of the "Air & Space" magazine November 2003 with an article on inflatable recovery systems for reentry.

many photos
very good condition
Washington D.C. - 2003 - Smithsonian Institution
Art.Nr. 4390
4,00 EUR
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Träumer, Forscher, Konstrukteure: Das Abenteuer der Weltraumfahrt
Gartmann, Heinz
Interessante Beschreibung der Aktivitäten von u.a. Konstantin E. Zilokowski, Robert H. Goddard, Hermann Oberth, Eugen Sänger, Wernher von Braun.

Neu bearbeitet von Werner Büdeler.

Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Gartmann (12.12. 1917 bis 7.8. 1960), geboren in Dessau, verschrieb sich schon in seiner Jugend der Raketenflug-technik. Er studierte 1937 bis 1941 an der TH Berlin-Charlottenburg Flugmotorenbau, war seit 1941 Raketen-Versuchsingenieur, dann Gruppen- und Abteilungsleiter bei BMW und später Baumusterbearbeiter in der Raketenentwicklung. Seit 1950 war er Herausgeber der Fachzeitschrift »Weltraumfahrt« in Frankfurt am Main. Seine schriftstellerische Tätigkeit war auf eigenem Können und Erleben begründet, von großer Sachkenntnis getragen - der Raketenflugtechnik und der Astronautik gewidmet.
Als bekannter Mitarbeiter der Zeitschriften Astronautica Acta, Chemische Industrie, Interavia, Physikalische Blätter, Umschau, Universitas u. a., durch verschiedene Bücher und Vorträge in den wissenschaftlichen Sendereihen der vier großen deutschen Rundfunkgesellschaften, hat er wesentlich zur Verbreitung der Kenntnisse über die Probleme der Raketentechnik und des Weltraumfluges beigetragen. Er war führendes Mitglied der Gesellschaft für Weltraumforschung und Mitglied der Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft für Luftfahrt, ferner Fellow der British Interplanetary Society (England) und Mitglied der Dansk Interplanetarisk Selskap (Dänemark), Detroit Rocket Society (USA), Pacific Rocket Society (USA), Svenska Interplane-tariska Sällskapet (Schweden).
Gartmann gehörte zu den international anerkannten Publizisten seines Fachgebietes. Seine schriftstellerischen Arbeiten sind als besonders anschaulich und zuverlässig bekannt.

Leinen mit Schutzumschlag
348 Seiten / pages
viele Abbildungen
gut erhalten, Schnitt fleckig
Frankfurt am Main - 1962 - Büchergilde Gutenberg
Art.Nr. 19317
18,00 EUR
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Vignette "Weltraumfahrt-Ausstellung": NASA-URANIA-BERLIN 11.5.-30.6.1963
seltene druckfrische Vignette aus den Urzeiten der bemannten Raumfahrt

Original Luftfahrt Vignette
sehr gut erhalten, Originalgummierung
Berlin - 1963 - Urania
Art.Nr. 1890
20,00 EUR
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Viking 1 - Early Results

1. The Viking Mission
2. The Viking Orbiter: Carrier, Relay, Observatory
3. Entry and Landing: A Traverse of the Atmosphere
4. On the Surface: A Look Around
5. Handling and Sampling the Surface
6. The Lander Environment
7. Composition of the Surface
8. The Search for Life
Appendix A—Viking Science Teams
Appendix B—Viking Key Personnel

Softcover, large format
67 Seiten / pages
many illustrations and photos
good condition
Washington D.C. - 1976 - NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Sciententific and Technical Information Branch
Art.Nr. 17241
20,00 EUR
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Voices From the Moon: Apollo Astronauts Describe Their Lunar Experiences
Chaikin, Andrew - Kohl, Victoria
Andrew Chaikin's A Man on the Moon is considered the definitive history of the Apollo moon missions-arguably the pinnacle of human experience. Now, using never-before-published quotes taken from his in-depth interviews with twenty-three of the twenty-four Apollo lunar astronauts, Chaikin and his collaborator, Victoria Kohl, have created an extraordinary account of the lunar missions. In Voices from the Moon the astronauts vividly recount their experiences in intimate detail; their distinct personalities and remarkably varied perspectives emerge from their candid and deeply personal reflections. Carefully assembled into a narrative that reflects the entire arc of the lunar journey, Voices from the Moon captures the magnificence of the Apollo program like no other book. Paired with their own words are 160 images taken from NASA's new high-resolution scans of the photos the astronauts took during the missions. Many of the photos, which are reproduced with stunning and unprecedented detail, have rarely-if ever-been seen by the general public. Voices from the Moon is an utterly unique chronicle of these defining moments in human history.

Hardcover with colorful dust jacket. Large format.
202 Seiten / pages
spectacular photographs
inside very good condition, outside an ex-library copy with the usual markings
London - 2009 - Viking Studio
Art.Nr. 19815
16,00 EUR
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Vor dem Start in den Weltraum: Vom heutigen Stand der Weltraumforschung
Clarke, Arthur C.
Deutsche Ausgabe von "The Young Traveller in Space" ca. 1960.

Hier ist das Buch, das klar und wissenschaftlich einwandfrei auch den Leser ohne Vorkenntnisse über das aktuellste Thema unserer Tage unterrichtet: die Weltraumfahrt, den Traum der Techniker unserer sonst so nüchternen Zeit. Arthur C. Clarke, langjähriger Vorsitzender der Britischen Interplanetarischen Gesellschaft, ist der berufene Sprecher zu diesem Thema, mit dem er sich von Jugend an beschäftigt hat. Clarke ist ein Wissenschaftler mit Phantasie und Begeisterung, und das macht sein Buch so fesselnd, daß jeder es lesen sollte. Denn dies ist keine Zukunftsmusik mehr. Was ist möglich, und was können wir verwirklichen? fragt Clarke. Ausgehend von den Visionen der Vorläufer, führt er uns über die Raketentechnik den Weg zur Raumstation und zum bemannten Raumschiff, zeigt alle Entwicklungsphasen der neuesten physikalischen und astronautischen Forschung und kommt zu dem erstaunlichen Ergebnis, daß die technischen Probleme so gut wie gelöst sind. „Es ist nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, wann der erste Kolumbus der Zukunft Kurs nach dem Mond nimmt."

84 Seiten / pages
mit 6 Zeichnungen und 29 z.T. ganzseitigen Fotos
sehr gut erhalten, Einband gering berieben
Berlin-München - 1960 - Gebrüder Weiss Verlag
Art.Nr. 19108
23,00 EUR
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Vorstoss in den Weltraum
Dolezal, Erich

gebundene Ausgabe
87 Seiten / pages
viele Abbildungen
Solothurn - 1964 - Schweizer Jugend-Verlag
Art.Nr. 551
6,00 EUR
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Weltraum ABC
Gartmann, Heinz (Dipl. Ing. - Herausgeber)
Erstausgabe. Ca. 1958.

aus dem Vorwort: ...das Material zu diesem Buch ist von Forschern aller Nationen im Laufe vieler Jahrzehnte erarbeitet worden. ..Aber die Erschließung des Weltraums durch Satelliten und Raumfahrzeuge wäre kaum mehr als ein begrenztes Abenteuer im Raum jenseits der Atmosphäre, würden wir nicht danach trachten, den Weltraum mit seinen vielfältigen Erscheinungen und Rätseln als Ganzes zu verstehen. In diesem Sinne wurde das Weltraum-ABC zusammengestellt...

232 Seiten / pages
einige Abbildungen
gut erhalten
Düsseldorf - 1958 - Econ Verlag
Art.Nr. 1961
6,00 EUR
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Weltraumfahrt - 1959 Nummer 2 - Juni 1959: Zeitschrift für Astronautik und Raketentechnik
Gartmann, Heinz (Herausgeber)
10. Jahrgang

Weltraumforschung, H. L. Dryden
Mit Galaxon zu den Planeten
Die Vandenberg Air Force Base
Die ungeschützte Hand im Weltraum, Dr. K. Lickint
Discoverer 2
Pionier 4 auf dem Weg um die Sonne
Ohren für den Weltraum
Raumfahrtgespräch in Kronberg
Interkontinentalrakete Titan
Wetter-Satellit Vanguard 2
Wetterfront zusammenhängend fotografiert
Über die kosmische Strahlung, W. Strubell
DieX-15 flog
Eine Atlas startet
Notizen • Kurz berichtet • Letzte Metdungen • Es sagte oder schrieb • Astronautische Nachrichten • Kurze Nachrichten • Bücherschau
Titelbild: Bemanntes Raumfahrzeug einer Venus-Expedition der „United States Space Force" (USAD)

32 Seiten / pages
viele Abbildungen
gut erhalten
Frankfurt - 1959 - Umschau Verlag
Art.Nr. 13504
28,00 EUR
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Weltraumforschung an der Universität Bonn

127 Seiten / pages
gut erhalten
Bonn - 1991 - Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität
Art.Nr. 20150
3,00 EUR
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Wernher von Braun: Monographie
Weyer, Johannes
Neuausgabe, die Erstausgabe erschien 1999.
Anmerkung von Peter Klant, Antiquariat Lindbergh: "Unbedingt lesenswert. Der Autor beschreibt die Person Wernher von Braun und dessen Lebenswerk anhand vieler, auch neuerer Quellen."

Wernher von Braun war zeit seines Lebens von dem Traum beseelt, zum Mond zu fliegen und die dafür erforderliche Großrakete zu konstruieren. Um dieses Ziel zu verwirklichen, hat er vorrangig Militärraketen entwickelt, zunächst in Deutschland die «V2», dann in den USA die atomar bestückte «Redstone». Er war bereit, sich in den Dienst verschiedener Mächte zu stellen, wenn diese ihm die Mittel verschafften, die er für die Verfolgung seiner Vision benötigte.

160 Seiten / pages
viele, teils farbige Abbildungen
sehr gut erhalten, neuwertig
Reinbek bei Hamburg - 2010 - Rohwohlt Taschenbuch Verlag
Art.Nr. 12680
14,00 EUR
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Will Space Tourists Finally Get a Ride: The spaceport is ready, and Sir Richard is about to become an astronaut
Complete issue of the "Air & Space" magazine January 2020 with a eight page story about Virgin Galactic and the Spaceport America.

Will Space Tour ist s Finally Get a Ride?
The tickets are sold, the spaceport is ready, and Sir Richard is about to become an astronaut.
An Airport that Looks like America's Skies
Everything flies at Camarillo.
Into the Future at 6,000 MPH
Once we invent missiles that are powered by scramjets, can airliners be far behind?
Voyager Endures
Forty-plus years on, scientists still listen to what the twin Voyager spacecraft have to say.
Airplane of the Year
Why a Waco named "Betsy" has been loved and handed on for 88 years.
How Many Airmen Does It Take to Fix a C-5's Fiat?
Hundreds will be grateful to the engineers who figured out a better way-to change 28 tires.
After the Ilya Murometz flew, the quest for giant bombers began.
Aviation Journalists Accused As Spies
The first proof of the power of aerial photography came in 1914 over the Panama Canal.
I Was There:
The Air Force Academy's F-105
Up to Speed
I Was There
At the Museum
Ideas That Defy

many photos
very good condition
Washington D.C. - 2020 - Smithsonian Institution
Art.Nr. 19915
4,00 EUR
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Zeige 97 bis 126 (von insgesamt 126 Artikeln)