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Basic Aerobatics

Basic Aerobatics
Szurovy, Geza - Goulian, Mike
For the serious aerobatics Student or pilot who wants to learn more about aircraft control, Basic Aerobatics is the best-illustrated, most thorough manual on the market today. Learn all you need to know to perform exciting maneuvers such as spins, loops, Cuban Eights, barrel rolls, and more - safely and precisely.
Written by a Champion' aerobatics pilot and an award-winning aviation author, this unique guide not only explains how to perform the maneuver, but what is happening to the aircraft and why.
Inside, look for chapters on:
- Aerobatics and the FAA
- Aerodynamics of aerobatic flight
- Developing aerobatic sequences
- Recreational and competition aerobatics
- Types of aerobatic aircraft
- Buying an aerobatic aircraft
- Organizations and associations

255 Seiten / pages
many illustrations
very good condition
New York - 1994 - Tab Books
Art.Nr. 18270